Varun Goel is a name among the young entrepreneurs & emerging youth leader who has shown that neither lack of money nor small age can stop a person who is obsessed with his vision. Starting his business while on complete bed rest due to a major accident Varun has proved that “it doesn’t matter how many problems you have in your life, if you are completely obsessed with your vision and the change you want to bring into the world, you just need 1 reason to accomplish it”.

Varun loves to share his knowledge and secrets, especially with the youngsters to help them achieve the balance between self-improvement, humanity, and money.

How it started

Varun belongs to a middle-class family. His Dad is an employee in a private company & his mother is a housewife. From a really small age, he was fond of trying new things, having an interest in the internet from the beginning he keeps spending time surfing the web and looking for new stuff.


From hacking at the age of 10 to starting Todayq at the age of 16, his journey has been full of ups & downs.


Varun was a brilliant student, from scoring great marks in class to winning international Olympiads, he has outperformed the rest. But it was at the age of 16 he realized that the formal education that school gives him is not which drives him in life. In the middle of his 10th standard, he realized that students are only focused on scoring more marks rather than understanding the main purpose of learning. He experienced that due to society & the people we are surrounded by, most of us get a narrow mindset. Varun is always fond of talking about ideas, stuff related to self-improvement & money but he experienced that most of the students & his friends didn’t show interest in his conversation.


Without letting the surroundings affect him negatively he focused on improving himself. Every day his friend circle keeps getting shorter. Entering in the 11th Standard in April 2017 in a new school he managed to get time for himself. But life never serves you with a golden spoon.


A month after, on 5th May 2017 while going to school Varun meet with a severe accident that put him on complete bed rest for 6 months. Just like most injured people Varun too has the option to wait for a complete recovery & after that, he can do what he likes, but stopping just because of some problem is not what drives him.


Just after 2 weeks of the accident, a bit recovery, Varun managed to use his laptop and started surfing the internet to look something new and learn more. He started his Instagram page where he shares motivational, inspirational quotes as he was very fond of it & it was the time he realized that he can innovate the way people share quotes.


Todayq.com was introduced where “q” actually stands for "quotes" which means “today quotes”. He has only Rs.300 with him and invested it to buy the domain and used a free website builder to connect with it. From his bed, in the same condition, he worked day and night to create his website and bringing traffic to it.


As his website was not generating any revenue in starting and he has no money to buy a website builder, so he keeps taking advantage of trials that the website building company offers. Though after every 30 days he has to create his website, again and again, he was comfortable in doing so.


Within the next 2 months, Varun managed to generate total revenue of Rs.5,000 from his website. To scale it up he invested the amount back to the business. But not everything goes the way we planed it.


One day during a conversation with the support team for help on some elements in the website builder, mistakenly and due to lack of understanding the companies employee deleted the website! Varun was shocked that all his work on the website is gone within a minute. When he tried to get his website back the company employee told him that he will be charged Rs.12,500 to get it back.


Varun was in complete shock, neither he had the power to create the same website again nor he had the money to get it back from the company. He stopped everything and went to complete silence for a few days.


But this was the time when something big on Todayq was about to come. One of his childhood friends, came to his home to know about his health & Varun explained to him what happened with Todayq. Without skipping a beat he said, “I see Todayq becoming a successful company one day.”


Just by his encouraging words, Varun started working again. Just surfing the web he found that cryptocurrency traders face a lot of problems while trading and as he already has an interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency and keeps reading & learning about it, he thought he can solve their problem.


And here’s the time when “Todayq – Trade Under Experts” came into existence. Creating a problem-solving product and getting the right people in the team Todayq started making a name in the crypto world.


Varun disclosed in September 2019 that Todayq has generated a Total revenue of Rs.10,00,000. This small figure may not excite everybody but it does excite Varun & people who have the vision to achieve something in life. Varun always says that the revenue is not what he looks for, he looks at the journey from Rs.300 to Rs.10 Lakhs.


Understanding that life is just not about making more money, it’s also about what change you bring in peoples life. Being very fond of sharing knowledge Varun helps people who have the will to achieve something in life.


His 2 rules of life which drive him are:

  1. We are a human being.

  2. We live on an economic planet.

Although these rules may sound very simple but they have a really deep meaning. Varun believes that due to our today's surroundings & involvement in its everyday activities, we are getting far from humanity, empathy, helping each other, and much more. And we mustn’t let it vanish away. And by “we live on an economic planet” he is trying to explain that money is the main source to survive on this planet.


Varun wants to help people achieve the balance between self-improvement, humanity & money. He always says that “Yes, it is difficult to create a balance but it is possible” & being very fond of sharing his knowledge Varun's vision is to help as many as people possible to achieve big & succeed in life.


Varun is a high school dropout & is currently working on his company "Todayq". He also spends his time conducting free online sessions to share his knowledge with the people to help them in self-improvement, practicing humanity, starting/growing business & money.

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